Current Projects

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  • Street Children Empowerment Program

    Educate parents on knowledge and skills for preventing their children from joining street families and help them re-socialise and reintegrate abandoned and vulnerable children back into the family unit and community

  • OVCs School Placement

    Children are placed in local schools and follow up are made to ensure they settle into the school system and gain a meaningful education.

Real Hope Community Foundation: A Beacon of Light in the Lives of Vulnerable Children

In a world where darkness often overshadows hope, the Real Hope Community Foundation stands as a shining beacon of light, rescuing and transforming the lives of over 120 children daily. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing education, medical care, and life skills training, this foundation is on a mission to help these children reintegrate into loving homes or boarding schools, paving the way for a brighter future.
At the onset, Real Hope steps in to rescue vulnerable children from the harsh realities of poverty, abuse, and homelessness. These children face insurmountable challenges, from the lack of basic necessities like food and shelter to the grim specter of child labor and prostitution fueled by parental struggles with alcoholism. Yet, with unwavering determination, the foundation has already made a …

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