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  • Street Children Empowerment Program

    Educate parents on knowledge and skills for preventing their children from joining street families and help them re-socialise and reintegrate abandoned and vulnerable children back into the family unit and community

  • OVCs School Placement

    Children are placed in local schools and follow up are made to ensure they settle into the school system and gain a meaningful education.

SAM KIM “My dream as a shining star in the space”

In the heart-wrenching tale of young Sam Kim, the firstborn in a bustling family of eight siblings, the shadows of abandonment and adversity loomed large. Cast aside by his biological mother at the tender age of one, he found himself ensnared in the clutches of an alcoholic father and a drug-addicted stepmother. The harsh hands of fate pushed him onto the unforgiving streets at a mere six years old, where survival became his only mantra.
Amidst the chaos of street life, a glimmer of hope emerged when the RHCF team crossed paths with young Sam during a street cooking activity. Plucked from the harsh realities of the streets, he was reintegrated into his fractured family and ushered into the halls of formal education. Days were spent in the nurturing embrace of school, while evenings found him at the RHCF center, where nourishment for both body and mind awaited him …

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